Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

About Salesian Sisters

Vocation is a “calling”; it is a personal and unique invitation from God to follow a particular path of service and personal discovery within the context of the Church. Baptism is the primary Christian vocation. It is a call to follow Christ within the Christian community and an invitation to make the Gospel the foundation of one’s life journey. Christians nurture their vocation through a positive life-style, service and prayer. A vocation is God’s unique invitation, addressed to individual persons in which a free response is expected. This response is not a single act, but a life-long process, a journey of faith. We do not "have" a vocation: we discover how we "are" our vocation as we journey through life led by the Spirit.

An individual discovers their vocation at various stages of life and in relationship with others:

  • When a person is loved and appreciated by others,
  • When the person is attracted by the example of others,
  • When the person becomes aware of the needs of others,
  • When the person prays and meditates on the word of God.
  • As baptised Christians each of us is called to assist others to discover their vocation as we have been assisted on our faith journeys. Each of us is called to help make others aware of their personal richness, talents and human value, opening their eyes to variety of lifestyles and then ministries within the Church.

By whom am I called?

To whom must I ultimately submit my life? Who is this One who invites me into a loving relationship and calls me to be transformed in that love? What does this relationship mean for my life now and in the future? Or, put more simply, who is God and what place does God have in my life?

The Model

There are three levels of Vocation Ministry in the model that is used widely in the church today.

General Vocation Ministry – fostering a sense of service to others and by our example providing models of adult Christian behaviour. This is bases upon the understanding that there is a universal call to holiness by virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation and that our role in the world and the church cannot be replaced.

Particular Vocation Ministry – acknowledgment that we are all called to a particular style of loving as in marriage, religious life, single life or priesthood. Our task here and more especially the Catholic Vocation Centre, is to act as a resource, a clearing house for anyone looking at any of these particular expressions of response to the call of God.

Specific Vocation Ministry – some individuals are called to very specific and unique expressions of consecrated and ordained life. It is normal for any congregation/diocese to make itself known and to encourage vocations to the specific group.

Becoming a Salesian Sister

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