Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Don Bosco Child Protection Centre

Assistance to Youth at Risk

The Don Bosco Child Protection Centre therefore, was established in 2014 to support the government of Ghana’s efforts to provide this temporary shelter and rehabilitation for the rescued victims between the ages of 6 to 17 in order to help combat child exploitation. Within the first half of 2016, 35 children (6 girls) and (29 boys) were rehabilitated, reunited and reintegrated with their families and communities.


Strategic Objective

To enhance the living condition of vulnerable children and children at risk to a dignifying way of being human, that will lead to an integrated self-esteem and self-appreciation towards a holistic human growth and development. To support the Government of Ghana (GOG) and other national stakeholders’ effort to prevent and combat child’s exploitation in all its various forms in Ghana.

Specific Objectives
  • To provide temporal shelter for at least 100 rescued children for the year 2016.
  • To feed them with three square meals daily.
  • To provide basic needs for them.
  • To make available the best health care possible for them.
  • To prepare them academically for formal school after their rehabilitation in the centre.
  • To give them access to counseling services.
  • To see to it that they return to a better living situation.
  • To enhance their spiritual development.
  • To ensure basic career development path for the rescued children.
  • To provide a conducive environment for their holistic growth.  
Target Group/Beneficiaries

The target group and beneficiaries of the project are;

  • Trafficked children.
  • Orphans.
  • Other vulnerable children at risk.


Achieved Results 2016

Our primary goal as a rehabilitation centre is to improve the living conditions of the victims to enable them live quality lives when reintegrated.

  • In the first half of the year, twenty-seven (27) victims were discharged and reintegrated to their families.
  • We enrolled six (6) children into formal education and one girl into skill training making the total of twenty-six (27) children.
  • The centre employed four (4) new staffs in the security and cleaning departments respectively to provide adequate services in the two departments.
  • We also had two interns MA Clinical Psychologist students who used music therapy with the children to improve their mental well-being in overcoming their individual trauma(s). In addition we still have one First degree Clinical Psychology student still doing her internship with us till the end of July.
  • One volunteer from Spain continues to offer her selfless service to the children. Activities include games, creative art, sports and assisting the children in their homework.
  • Increased in enrollment of children into formal education.
  • Better improvement in communication skills of the children.
  • Improved appreciable socially acceptable behaviour through encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  • Better physical development of the children through the provision of nutritious and balanced meals.
Changes in the Project

The Centre is using the period to do some major renovations of the physical structure. Due to the high numbers of children received in the past years, and the inferior nature of some of the materials used in the construction, there were some major physical damages to the structures in the Centre. Notable among them was the total removal and change of all the service lines to the Centre.

  • Our inability to follow up on most of the reintegrated children to monitor their progress still posed a big challenge to the project which does not help in monitoring and evaluation.
  • The project needs to establish training outfit in craftsmanship and vocation as part of skills training for the victims.
  • There is also the need to raise funds for follow ups and the after care of the program. We need also to employ more social workers for effective field work with the reintegrated children with their families.
  • The need for full time medical doctor, nurses, and a psychologist for the project to offer best care services for all victims.

The Centre is continually working hard with all the partner agencies, stakeholders and individuals who genuinely support the project. We have received a substantial support to the project so far to help implement the project objectives and its sustainability. This we trust will continue to maintain the best practices of care to all victims rescued to the centre. We have also started a small vegetable garden and a plantain farm. 

Local Support

The concerted effort by management to raise funds locally is enormous. We have seen a deeper level of commitment in the local front. This grace of generous giving has been expressed both in kind and cash. We have seen love in action by various church groups, companies and individuals who have given sacrificially to sustain the project. It has been overwhelming the donations received during this first half year. We hope to have more regular givers throughout the rest of the year and the years ahead. Strategies are underway to reach more people locally to give consistently toward the sustainability of the project.

Foreign Support

We are grateful to the Project Development Office for their efforts to support the Centre. Through their support a four bed room staff/volunteer bungalow commission by the Rector Major Fr. Angel (SDB) has been built. We sincerely express our thanks to all our regular foreign donors. 


P. O. Box 776
Ashaiman, Ghana-West Africa


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