Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province

Don Bosco Fambul demands the release of 80 inmates

August 10,,2015 - Sierra Leone

In order to be able to rule out the practice of injustice, the Director of Don Bosco Fambul, Brother Lothar Wagner, has called for the immediate release of 80 inmates, who have been in custody at the Freetown Central Prison for over three years without indictment.

The Legal support staff of Don Bosco, Wolfgang Kofler, disclosed that as at present there are a total of 80 inmates at the prison without any indictment for over three years, which according to him is injustice. He maintained that these inmates are desperate to know about their fate as they don’t know what the future holds for them, adding that they have no perspective about their future which is a very high psychological problem for them at the prison.

“We are able to get these information from personal interviews with inmates from one cell to the other, since we are working on a daily basis inside the prison. We went further to verify their claims for being in prison for over three years through the Prison’s Register.”

He stated that most of their crimes are minor which doesn’t warrant them to be in prison for that long without any indictment. “Injustice is very clear based on the report we have seen so far. We at Don Bosco Fambul are demanding the immediate release of all the 80 inmates. We have sent the list containing the names of the inmates to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), the Attorney General, the Sierra Leone Police, the Office of Chief of Staff at the State House among others,” according to the Director of Don Bosco Fambul, Brother Lothar Wagner.

The Salesian Brother disclosed that they are not only demanding for the immediate release but also asking the Government through the Legal system to implement a reform that will prevent such happenings in the Country “we are calling for the law to be implemented appropriately be serving indictment to inmates within the shortest possible time, frequent monitoring of inmates to know their health condition and for the inmates to have a representation table at the office of the Human Right Commission and at the DPP’s office among others”.

Source: Agenzia Info Salesiana

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